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Good for your heart !

We are happy people, enjoying life, and while at it, we make an effort to eat healthy and stay fit. It is about doing the best for our own selves.

Great when travelling!

On tour? A whole different story! Avoid tourist "traps", go explore! We look for places where locals eat. Follow these tips, you will never go wrong.

Saves money !

Locals don't over spend; they look for value. When traveling, we will only remember the sights, sounds, smells and tastes. "Knock yourself out" !

So how does it work?

We go "incognito" and experience...

Restaurants, cafés or "holes in the wall" are not expecting our visit. We visit "incognito" and then value the experience. All kitchens have great dishes & cooks. We focus on the ones making everyone smile.

Report our findings to you, so...

Mrs. Foodie© will tell you which items in the menu are good, and will never speak negatively about anyone. If it is that bad, we will not write about. Everyone has a bad day, granted. We promote the positives...

You go, enjoy & report to our BLOG !

Everything you will see or read is the reality of things. If we don't like it, we just don't write about it. Every food purveyor has an opportunity to deliver the quality product we all look for. Let us take you to them...

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