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Let’s keep things simple…

Here is a list of terms, conditions, guideline rules, regulations and definitions our partners have made very clear to us in order to engage in mutually beneficial business with third parties. We all want to remain engaged by making these very simple and usual conditions clear to everyone.   Please make sure you read these, ask questions if need be, and then, continue to work with us happily ever after.

If you have any sort of concerns, ask. This is the reason for our existence. We thrive when our partners do and feel well.

Welcome as a our new partner to nirvana world of utopia!

Here we go…

  1.  PUBLIC EXPRESSIONS – The opinions of our vendors, customers, bloggers, and/or any other type or form of participation to this world wide web publication are their very own responsibility, and in no time represent the opinions of The UpRight Group or any of its stockholders, principals, employees, or related.
  2.  CONTENT – all presented content in this website is protected by author rights and copyrights from The UpRight Group, its originating entities/ authors or the companies we have engaged with, worked for or provided support for these featured projects. Any reproduction, re-transmission, distribution or related without the expressed written consent of these partners is prohibited by law. Please abide by the simple courtesy of not downloading or copying any of its content without this simple request.
  3. CURRENCY – All rates, quotes, pricing or related are provided in US currency (US dollar/ $).
  4.  RESERVATIONS – Reservations requests will be received via email and services will be confirmed the same way, via email. Verbal agreements or telephone reservations will not be accepted.
  5.  LODGING  We reserve the right to offer alternative accommodation, in a similar category if the hotel book more spaces available or for any reason beyond our reach.  The reservation or lodging is exclusively for the use of the person whose name appear on the reservation services.
  6.  RATES – Rates are subject to change without notice. Please see definitions below (Item # 15-18).
    You can cancel your reservation at any time after it has been confirmed under the following conditions:
    > Within 14 days before initiating the services, a charge of US $ 15 administrative fee will apply plus any additional charge is applicable hotel / tour.
    > Hotel cancellation 5 days or prior to arrival will incur a penalty of the first full night.
    > Cancellations of houses and villas have charges and conditions regulated by the companies that rent them, these will be clearly alerted when booking.
  8.  SPECIAL RATES – Rates for children, Seasonal PROMOTIONS or Breakfast PACKAGES will be identified accordingly within each section of each venue. If in doubt, ask.
    Child rates are based on sharing the hotel room with an adult.
    Usual industry Check-In @ 4:00 PM, Check-Out @ 10:00  AM (Local Destination Time).  Please review in provider’s website / rate charts or related for any specific local policies.
  10.  IDENTIFICATION – Please bring a photo ID, driver’s license, passport or similar form/ documentation.
  11.  PAYMENTS 
    Payments will be processed via PayPal, credit card or cash. Wire transfers or letters of credit need previous coordination and expressed written approvals.  No checks will be accepted.  Payments should be received at least 10 days before the first service (except houses or villas). If payments are being processed via credit card, a 5% administrative fee will the added to the payment due amount. A credit card charge authorization is required for each reservations, and it will be signed by the person who owns the card. This authorization form will be scanned and sent to Frances.Trabal@theuprightgroup.com
  12.  RIGHT TO CANCEL SERVICES – We reserve the right to cancel the services and charge cancellation fees if payment is not received at the scheduled time.
  13.  REMEDIES & PENALTIES – Last minute RESERVATIONS (24 hours before arrival) will incur a remedial administrative fee or penalty of $15 USD per booking. Second change or modification of the reservation will be charged $25 USD per booking.
  14. CONFIDENTIALITY – All information shared with you via any unspecified source, including the access passwords to review and evaluate our confidential rates, price lists, conditions and policies are bound by a strict covenant of confidentiality. These privileges can be revoked at any time without notice to any account. Further remedies can be considered and implemented, including the engagement of legal resolutions and procurement.  Password access to our confidential information is NOT to be shared. Our software is designed to identify password with user (you) and IP, hence easily tracing  an unauthorized user from another source or sources. This is by design to protect our partners confidential information, and for your protection as well. YOUR PASSWORD is linked to an IP address, this means YOU DON’T need to insert your USER NAME, just need to be in your IP location and/ or mobile IP.  Sharing this password or access is strictly prohibited and could lead to major legal repercussions. If used in other locations not identified with your environment it will be identified as SHARED and a due process will be initiated. Breach of this privilege is a serious matter to our network of partners; use it responsibly and with respect.
  15.  DEFINITIONS – These are the most common usual terminology used in contractual relationships within industries we cater to. In specific, let’s just reiterate some of them. Please see below…
  16.  NET RATE – Prices that reflect the cost of the product and does not show any other cost(s) like taxes, resort fees or any other added costs additional to the product.
  17.  GROSS RATE – Prices that reflect some or all associated costs to the product.
  18.  PROMOTIONAL RATE – Prices that are conditioned by dates, availability or other related contingencies.
  19.  PACKAGE RATE – Prices that are bounded or directly linked to a specific service or option (ie.: breakfast)
  20.  PAX – Guest, client or passenger being catered to.
  21.  PP / DAY – Per Person, Per Day.
  22. PET POLICY – Providers have policies for domestic animals on premises. These vary from ACCEPTED FREE, FEES  MAY APPLY, COMPANION ONLY or  NOT ALLOWED. Also industry parameters control the number of pets in a room (maximum of 2) and their weight (35lbs Max.). We always suggest to obtain specific information related to these pet policies directly with each provider.
  23.  HANDICAP ACCESSIBLE – Provider most likely have access ramps, parking, elevators and related to comply with ADA (Americans with Disability Act). Please inquire with provider for room specifics to handicap guests.
  24.  ROOM CATEGORIES – A variety of configurations for room design/ layout. From STUDIO/ SINGLE/ DOUBLE/ 1-2-3-4 Bedroom Suites/ 1-2-3 Bathrooms/ OCEAN-WATER VIEW/ OCEAN-WATER FRONT.
  26.  PARKING – A vehicle is a necessity today, hence a parking for it. In rate itineraries “parking” is defined for purposes of additional fees that may apply or not. Please check with the provider if need be.
  27.  BUSINESS CENTER – Availability of computer access, printers, fax, and related. Some do offer meeting rooms. Fees may apply. Inquire with provider for details.
  28.  Wi-Fi – Although most providers today offer a FREE guest Wi-Fi access at the lobby areas, for room access some do charge for this service by user or by device as an access password is required. Please check with provider for specifics if need be.
  29.  BREAKFAST – From CONTINENTAL (coffee, hot chocolate, juice, pastries/ bread & jam/ jelly/ butter), AMERICAN (eggs, bacon/ sausages, bread/ toast with jam/jelly/butter, pancakes with syrup, cornflakes or other cereal, coffee/tea and juice) to ENGLISH (fried, poached or scrambled eggs, bacon, fried or grilled tomatoes, fried mushrooms, fried bread/ toast with butter, sausages, baked beans and hash browns. INDIAN (tea simple/Masala/coffee, puree bhajee, juice & samosa) is another type of international breakfast offerings. Some providers include breakfast in their rates, others charge a minimum fee per person, per day; others have “á-la-carte” menu services where individual fees apply. Inquire with providers for specific details.
  30.  MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY – These vary based on room configuration/ bedding options and bathrooms available. Please inquire with provider’s website or related.
  31. ONE (1) TIME – A potential rate or fee that will be charged to an end user with every contract, reservation or related service provided at the begining of a transaction.
  32.  RESORT FEE – Charges that most hotels add to the NET RATE quotes that are presented in tariffs schedules. These are mostly housekeeping, maintenance and other related.
  33.  ESTIMATES & QUOTES – all produced estimates and quotes remain as such until a confirmed contract is in place between the interested parties. As in any responsible industry, these preliminary cost of services disclosure is bounded by an expiration date, and is subject to change without notice.  All communications will be in writing, and in many cases, a re-confirmation is requested for validation of an understanding between the parties.
  34.  INQUIRIES, QUESTIONS or CONCERNS  –    Frances Trabal / VP of Product / Hospitality Division

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