Giancarlo dedicated his early years to augment his passion for drawing and painting. At childhood he enrolled in Disney's Academy Future's program to learn the basic skills of drawing, painting and animation. He graduated from  the School of Plastic Arts in San Juan in 2008. Then got his talents "chiselled" at the D.A.V.E School in Florida.

Graphic Designs

As a "free-lance" artist, he has worked for many corporate and advertising markets where renderings, perspectives, and conceptual ideas have been deployed. He has an extraordinarily singular way of "seeing" things. A one-in-a-generation talent...

Giancarlo "Sye" García

Over the years, a proficient polyglot (English/Spanish/French) developed skills which combined with his remarkable artistic perception. This landed an extremely talented will have awesome designs for your corporate needs.


With a degree at the D.A.V.E. School (Digital Audio Visual Effects School) in Florida, he landed a job with STEREO D® in Hollywood and then with Deluxe Entertainment® in Burbank, CA. Credits and accolades came from Hollywood block-buster movie productions which laid the foundation to a creative mind that has no limits.


Besides the visual special effects talents, Sye is very proliferous and productive creative powerhouse. He has "pitched" designs to unknowns just because he "sees it" in his "mind's eyes". His art is evident through many sublimation platforms; from t-shirts, to helmet designs to stickers...

These visuals... Sye's work.

Drawings - Illustrations - Matte Painting Compositing - Roto Artist - 3D - Graphic Art Corporate Logos - Animation - Character Designs - Stereoscopic Art - Sublimation Art Renderings - Perspectives

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