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For your convenience, our most common visitors and, soon to be customer’s questions are answered right here.

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Q: I see lots of exciting things, events, images and people in this beautiful website. What is it your company specifically do?

A: We live life and while at it, we put talented people together with “cutting edge” technology that will most likely enhance our client’s business exposure and opportunities. We concentrate in HOSPITALITY & TOURISM and every single component that will promote, augment, enhance, facilitate and boost their sales potentials in North, Central, South America & Europe, or if need be world wide.

Q: Do you sell something

A: Unrivaled quality, “out-of-the-box” creativity and unsurpassed service. We partner with our clients to reach their maximum potentials and even go beyond. We are hired as consultants or as media experts to look for creative ways and means for our clients to market their products. In specific, TOURISM Marketing remains to be a very challenging industry were every destination, from BANGKOK (# 1 destination in the world) to LONDON (# 1 destination in the Europe) to ORLANDO (# 1 destination in America); everyone is looking for an “edge”. We like the fact we have been on the very top of that short list of options. The hotels we represent, the air & ground operators we promote, as well as the travel industry executives we cater to, ALL AGREE on two(2) statements.

Q: What are those two(2) statements your clients agree on?

A: First and foremost, it is a pleasure to deal with us. Second, and most importantly, we exceed their expectations many times over.

Q: What is your pitch?

A: There is no pitch, hence no catch! However, we thrive in catching -and keeping- our client’s audience attention, regardless of age group, gender, cultural/ ethnical roots, financial status or related.

Q: How do you do this?

A: Because before we became who we are, we were who our clients are. There is NO OTHER WAY. In other words, we were sales executives, managers, directors and the likes, for many years in various industries, from MEDIA to HOSPITALITY and TOUR & TRAVEL INDUSTRY. We know what the needs are, where the needs are met and how to meet them within the budgets needed.

Q: Do you have different businesses and/or work on various industries?

A: Overall, we do, but in hindsight, we concentrate in the HOSPITALITY-TOUR & TRAVEL INDUSTRY productions the most. The confusing part for our clients to initially understand is, that we do promote destinations, hotels, airline carriers, car rental companies and related with the most innovative-fun filling-exhilarating ways ever.  We just enjoy every minute of it, so we opted to merge every single moment into developing and propelling our opportunities to meet other people looking for the same.  It is that simple. Having FUN making friends that become clients. In short, LIVE LIFE…

Q: What other services besides TOUR & TRAVEL your company provide?

A: We also have a division with very talented journalistsphotographers, illustrators and editorial writers that capture content, and distribute it to various broadcasting platforms and media outlets. For this reason, we have assigned projects we work on various industries like HOSPITALITY, SPORTS, RACING, HEALTH and SPECIAL EVENTS which we provide exposure to promoters, organizers and sponsors.  Overall, if there is an event that will most likely attract a visitor to travel and tour, we definitely have interest in, and will use all of our resources to provide extended coverage and increase its exposure through our various platforms and partners.

Q: What is the core of your staff age group?

A: We are some proud “baby-boomers” giving way to extremely talented GEN X’s, GEN Y’s and MILLENNIALS in our teams that do have the “touch” and “sense” of this new world we live in. We might have the knowledge, relationships, experience and “track record” they lack (due to age differential); but they have something we don’t. They breath, eat, think and interact all day with the NEXT LARGEST MARKET out there…themselves! So it takes one to understand another. Remember the story of what a son/ daughter thought about his/her father when they were 10-20-30? Well, we are now those “old-timers” we used to make stories about before !  You gotta love it!

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